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Different Proxy technologies - what's the Best proxy ? There is so much disinformation about proxies on the internet,so it's not surprising nobody knows which is the best proxy to use. In fact one of the really worrying aspects of this, that proxies have in some way become synonymous with being secure. The simple fact is that proxies can make you secure, but they can also achieve the exact opposite. So I thought I'd try and briefly explain the role of the proxy and what they do. Remember that the proxy is an intermediary, it's a server that sits between you and the web sites you visit. This is great if you want to surf anonymously or bypass some restriction but you are sending (and trusting) all your data to the owner of the proxy server. Let's illustrate if I can, if you are using a proxy server either a web based one, or surfing from work or school - every request for a web page goes to the proxy first. The proxy server examines the header and the packet content and checks with it's own internal rules. An anonymous proxy server would reconstruct the data packet with a different IP address for instance. The proxy server than sends the request to the target web server and receives the reply. The reply is then forwarded back to the initial client. There are many reasons people use proxies but the fact that all your data is directed through them should not be forgotten. In work or school, a proxy server is usually enforced to ensure that nobody breaks the internet usage policy and to stop people accessing inappropriate content. That is why you need a regular source of proxy sites - finding one by accident seems great because you can log on to Friendster, and that Facebook proxy is allowing you to contact your buddies from work, but it won't last. Once it has been blocked then what do you do? Better by far to find a website that offers a free Friendster login or a Facebook proxy that you can rely upon. Such sites will carry out checks on the proxies they offer, and change them when they have been found out. You will always have a tried and tested proxy that works.

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